The LPFG newsletter is published twice a year, normally in the summer and winter. We welcome contributions of short articles, reviews and news pieces etc relating to Bronze Age and Iron Age finds. To discuss a submission, please contact the newsletter editor at

Members will be notified by email when new editions are available and sent download links. Older editions can be downloaded for free below. Issue 16 for winter 2020/2021 has now been sent out to members. Join the group to get access to the latest issues.

Guide for contributors:

Submissions are welcome throughout the year, but final deadlines for each issue will be announced in a “call for contributions” sent out to members.

Please keep articles to a maximum of 1,000 words (excluding bibliography). We encourage contributors to include supporting figures (up to four images maximum). More detailed guidance about how to prepare and format your contribution can be found in our Style and Referencing guidelines.

Please submit articles via email to along with a filled-in contributor information sheet. Please attach your text to the email as a MS Word file. Images should be submitted as JPEG or TIFF files separate from the text.

Newsletter downloads:

LPFG Newsletter Issue 1 – June 2013

LPFG Newsletter Issue 2 – December 2013

LPFG Newsletter Issue 3 – June 2014

LPFG Newsletter issue 4 – December 2014

LPFG Newsletter issue 5 – July 2015

LPFG Newsletter issue 6 – December 2015

LPFG Newsletter Issue 7 – June 2016

LPFG Newsletter issue 8 – Winter 2016

LPFG Newsletter issue 9 – Summer 2017

LPFG Newsletter issue 10 – Winter 2017

LPFG Newsletter issue 11 – Summer 2018

LPFG Newsletter issue 12 – Winter 2018

LPFG Newsletter issue 13 Summer  2019

LPFG Newsletter issue 14 – Winter 2019/2020

LPFG Newsletter issue 15 – Summer 2020 (currently available to LPFG members only; coming soon)

LPFG Newsletter issue 16 – Winter 2020/21 (currently available to LPFG members only)