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LPFG Steering group

Membership of the Later Prehistoric Finds Group (LPFG) is free and open to anyone interested in the material culture of the Bronze Age and Iron Age. At present it is organised and run by a steering group of members. If you would be interested in joining the steering group and supporting our activities get in touch at

At present the steering group is:

  • Chair: George Prew
  • Deputy Chair: Jennifer Beamer
  • Treasurer: Meredith Laing
  • Membership Secretary: Vacant
  • Newsletter Editor: Andrew Lamb
  • Datasheet Editor: Leanne Demay
  • Social Media Editors: Andy Ward (Facebook)
  • Website Editor: Michael Marshall
  • Committee members: Sophie Adams, Anna Booth, Helen Chittock, Julia Farley, Yvonne Inall, Tess Machling, Andrew Reynolds, Steph Smith, John Smythe and Peter Walker