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Later Prehistoric Finds Group policies

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Artefact and period interest groups/organisations

The Prehistoric Society

First Millennia Studies Group

Roman Finds Group

Finds Research Group: AD 700 to 1700


Lithic Studies Society

Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group

Historical Metallurgy Society

Association for the History of Glass

Archaeological Leather Group

ICAZ Worked Bone Research Group

Archaeological Textile Review

Centre for Textile Research

Early Textiles Study Group

Period and regional research frameworks

Understanding the British Iron Age: and agenda for Action

Bronze Age Review: volume 1

Scottish Archaeological Research Framework

A Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales

Southwest Archaeological Research Framework

The Archaeology of the East Midlands, an archaeological resource assessment and research agenda

Research and Archaeology Revisited: a revised framework for the East of England

Yorkshire Archaeological Research Framework: Research Agenda & Resource Assessment


Useful resources and databases

Later Prehistoric Pottery Gazetteer

Gallo-Belgic Pottery Database

Atlas of Roman Pottery

HMS Datasheets – The Historical Metallurgy Society


The Portable Antiquities Scheme

British Museum Collection Search

British Museum Bronze Age Gold

British Museum Bronze Age index on Micropasts

Events pages and mailing lists

Butser Ancient Farm: Workshops

British Museum: Events

Scottish Crannog Centre Events