The LPFG publishes a series of datasheets. These are short accessible introductions to key topics relating to Bronze Age and Iron Age artefact studies. You can see a list of the existing datasheets and download them for free below.

We are always keen to hear about ideas for new datasheets. If you have a proposal get in touch with our datasheet editor Leanne Demay to discuss it via

LPFG Datasheet 1 – EIA and MIA bow brooches from Britain – S Adams

LPFG Datasheet 2 – EIA socketed axes – D Boughton

LPFG Datasheet 3 – LBA Spearheads – R Davis (updated version)

LPFG Datasheet 4 – IA beads – E Foulds

LPFG Datasheet 5 – EBA-MBA spears – R_Davis

LPFG Datasheet 6 – IA and Roman terrets – A Lewis